Challenges and opportunities in the chemical industry.


Last Wednesday, July 19, the Commercial Director of Alveg, Héctor Blanco, spoke with Neuron Automotive Talks about the challenges and transformations in the market and the actions that Alveg Distribución Química is taking in the face of the opportunities that are present in the automotive industry appear.

“Today we participate in practically all the assemblers, be they light cars or trucks. We sell first-fill fuel -diesel or gasoline- (each unit will have a destination not only in Mexico, but anywhere in the world and this first fuel fill must respond to the transportation and weather characteristics of each place where it arrives); antifreeze, windshield washer fluids and in the process we participate with two large families of products: dilution solvents for the paint area of each automaker, and supply of purge solvents that are responsible for dragging all the surrounding circulatory the painting plant of any assembly company, to make a 100% removal without leaving any trace of paint”, listed Blanco.

ALVEG has 10 branches, maintaining adequate stocks for the distribution of its portfolio of more than 1,000 chemical products throughout the country, through adequate logistics and the correct times to serve its customers. In the same way, he also spoke about Nearshoring: “Nearshoring has already arrived, we will see an increasing presence of the supply chain of suppliers in our country in the automotive industry. We are participating in it and we are very attentive with this intelligence team to participate in all its stages”.

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